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DP_DR questions

Hey guys,
What I have been told is DP/DR by various shrinks is secondary to my major depression, and as such I dont know much about it. I have always found it to be a pleasant experience although often inappropriate given particular settings. Firstly I might describe it a little and see what you guys think. Maybe its not even what I've been told it is.

When it occurs, I feel that my body blends into the surrounding environment, like being hugged by the couch im sitting on or being absorbed into the atmosphere. I dont feel that I can move my arms, legs or any part of me, nor do I want too. The world around me seems vauge and unimportant, and I often drift off. To where im not sure, but its enough to distract me from whatever task is at hand. Things in my view drift and fade and seem dream like. 

Unless I have something I'm doing something important, its usually fairly pleasant, although I must say when it happens out in the real world it is problematic. Spending a day at uni drifting around uni, ignoring friends and not taking notice of anything is not exaclty helpful and it makes me feel very lonely, very fragile. I like it in my detached world, because everything seems partilcularly harsh. I think some of what I've said is contradictory, buts its not exaclty a logical feeling.

So any thoughts guys. For reference, I've taken more anti depressants than I care to remember, seroquel and various benzos with no affect... and my dad is bi-polar (but im not, as far as we know). Probably shouldnt leave that old chessnut out.

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