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Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I don't actually suffer from DP/DR myself but I've been in a relationship for nearly a year now with a guy who does. He's 19 and has it had it since he was about 15. No one's sure what caused it exactly; he had a bit of a crappy childhoood (his parents were sometimes what I considered at least to be basically abusive) and there's a history of mental problems in his family. The DP/DR started randomly a couple of months after he'd been robbed by two jerks on a street on his way home from school; not sure if that's what triggered it or not.

A while ago he went through this stage where he hated being outside at all. He'd told me on previous occasions being outside would sometimes make him feel weird (he'd often get this sense of vertigo on a bright day where he felt like he was 'falling down' the street in front of him, for example) but nothing this bad. Some days we couldn't even go for a drive around the block without him begging me to turn home.

He's had a change of meds and such since then, and right now he's okay with going outside (as such, part of his treatment is that he has to go outside at least once a day, even just for a little walk, so that it hopefully doesn't happen again).

I'm glad he's feeling better, but I can't help but worry it'll get really bad again. It always made me sad to see him unable to go outside during this time, and on a personal level it was really frustrating to meet up with him at his house knowing there was a good chance I'd be going to whatever *insert function* alone depending on how bad he felt.

But anyway, my question is: has anyone else here known/has had really bad agoraphobia as a result of this illness? I can't help but wonder how common it is.
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When you are experiencing feelings of not being real or not feeling like the world is fully normal or real, it is natural to try and avoid anything additional being new or changeable in the environment as much as possible. Voila, agoraphobic on top of dp/dr.

I would say they are very commonly related.
Thanks everyone =). I guess it's kind of comforting it's common for DP/DR in a way, yet still problematic *shrugs*. I like the internet idea and yeah, it is good to know I'm not alone.
I occasionally have bouts of agoraphobia when I am extremely stressed or have had a medication change that isn't working out, mainly because I get lost, in NYC this is realllllly bad...walking to get breakfast and blinking and realizing it's 3 hours later and I've just walked 20 blocks makes me pretty scared to leave my apartment when my symptoms are going unmanaged.
Also, sometimes the derealization is frankly frightening, especially in unfamiliar places.
I've heard it's neuro-biological and that it's all in the head of the sufferer. Mine started after last summer "the summer of panic attacks." I have been diagnosed agraphobic, however I wasn't. I wasn't avoiding things that made me feel unpleasant, or down right terrifed. Work was really hard, somedays it still is. I just wanna breakdown. Dp/Dr has been assocated with anxiety since they created words to describe the disorder. Rarely it's associated with smoking weed, but weed is not the cause, only a substance that exsurbates the Dp/DR. He may be agrophobic, and he could probably use your help and love and support. agrophobia hasn't been ever the result of an illness that is not mental. Atypical depression, but it's not like your boyfriend got strept throat as a boy, then later developed this. Its a combo of biology and mental habits (rumination, obessive thinking/analyzing, telling ones self that he is worthless, or worse being told, hypersenitivity). A combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and drugs (I like Buspar, no risk for addiction and still able to funtion). Oh and anxiety disorders are the most common, with roughly 6 million Americans getting treatment of some kind, yearly.


August 9 2010, 15:56:41 UTC 6 years ago

Hi agrophobia is a form of anxiety just like DP/DR so yes people with DP/DR can develop agrophobia. Like I said though agrophobia,DP,DR are all forms of anxiety so if you cure the anxiety you cure all the things that are caused by the anxiety. Get the Linden Method it helps a lot.