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The following is a poem I wrote some time ago when I was on the verge of a breakdown it quite literally saved my life. So here it is just for y'all 

Final Words

Mourn for me naught while I lay at rest,
because the worlds weight has left my breast;
and for once I slumber with plaesent dreams,
and at last everything is as it seems.
None shall ever know a sleep more pleasent,
nor a state of mind more benevolent.
The thirst, the hunger, sorrow and pain,
cease with the torments of the brain.
I lived my life as best i could,
thought often times I was misunderstood.
My humor was morbid and often times dark,
but the darkness gave rise to my poetic spark.
In life my mind fought the most bloody fight,
between divine light and darkest night.
only by delving into my inner darkness,
was I able to find a balance.
No more does my mind have to suffer,
for the reaper has provided an eternal buffer.
Shed not a tear as I lay before thee,
because I now lay in the bussum of eternity.
It's the safest place one can reside,
because all who came before me are at my side.
Have no regrets for what you could have said,
for it matter naught as I lay in my final bed.
Lay me to rest and go on your way,
and do me a favor each and every day.
Do what you can to make the most of life,
and relish every emotion, even heartache and strife.
When you die there is no second chance;
so do your best in lifes little dance,
because one day too you'll join me,
and together we can embrace eternity.

 and no I'm, not feeling suicidal.


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